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The Quattro-SL, a compact pedestal designed for multi-camera studio locations, is perfect for the increasing number of restricted sets and smaller studios around the world.

Incorporating most of the features of the larger Quattro pedestals, the Quattro-SL easily tracks through confined spaces and can work in close proximity to other pedestals.  The cable guard can be easily adjusted from a single point actuator, reducing the need for the operator to move around the pedestal in cramped situations.  The compact design and lightweight construction improves portability in and between studios without compromising stability.

  • Compact construction improves portability between studios without compromising stability
  • Small base allows pedestals to work in close proximity
  • Easily tracks through any 76.2 cm / 30 " set restriction
  • Single point actuated cable guard adjustment

Model No.:V3963-0002
Max. Capacity:80 kg / 176.4 lbs [max. capacity includes trim weights]
Height Range:47 to 147 cm / 18.5 to 57.8 "
Weight:136 kg / 300.6 lbs
On-Shot Stroke:100 cm / 39.4 "
Tracking Width:81 cm / 31.9 "
Transit Width:74.5 cm / 29.3 " [with small steering ring]
82 cm / 32.2 " [with large steering ring, fitted as standard]
Footprint:80.6 x 74.5 cm / 31.8 x 29.4 "
Wheel Diameter:12 cm / 4.9 "
Detachable Steering Ring Diameter:74 cm / 29 "
Trim Weights:7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Ground Clearance:2 cm / 0.8 "

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