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Vector 950 Active

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Vinten has developed the Vector 950 Active pan and tilt head System to interface with the Canon Optical Shift Image Stabiliser (""Shift-IS"") technology.

The result is a new stabilisation system for sports and events broadcasts. The Vector 950 Active features integral real-time digital electronic positioning for precise and accurate data, which communicates with the stabilisation systems of Canon's DIGISUPER100AF and DIGISUPER86AF long-field zoom lenses. The result is that the intuitive and natural motions of the camera operator provide instant and active control of the Shift-IS stabilisation. The Vector 950 Active comes complete with a standard four bolt base, single telescopic pan bar and wedge adapter. It offers an increased capacity of up to 120 kg / 264 lbs providing perfectly balanced tilt.

By combining the characteristics of the TF drag control with infinite perfect balance adjustment, the effort needed to control the effect of a heavy, moving camera payload remains constant, predictable and minimal- not a major distraction.

The combination of Vinten's Vector 950 Active and Canon's Shift-IS stabilisation is ideally suited for use in sports broadcast and other production.

  • Instant, active picture control designed for fast paced HD OB
  • Sharp, stable pictures -no trace of lag after pan or tilt movements
  • Minimal amount of processing required for final broadcast output

The Vector 950Active is available as two systems:

The Vector 950ActiveC4 system, which communicates with Canon’s Digisuper 100AF and 86AF lenses; comprising of the Vector 950OE head with optical encoders (V3984-0001) and C4 Active serial box (ASB-CIN-C4).

The Vector 950ActiveC2 system, which communicates with Canon’s Type 2 Digisuper 100XS*, 86XS* and 75XS* lenses; comprising of the Vector OE head with optical encoders (V3984-0001) and C2 Active serial box (ASB-VIN-C2).

*with software upgrade


Model No.:Vector 950 Active C4 and C2
Height:24.8 cm / 9.8 "
Length:22.5 cm / 8.9 "
Width:34.2 cm / 13.5 "
Weight:16.6 kg / 36.6 lbs
Capacity Range:16 to 120 kg / 35 to 264.5 lbs
Tilt Range:±90° @ 60 kg / 132.3 lbs
±60° @ 120 kg / 264.5 lbs
Pan Resolution:Up to 2,000,723 per 360°
Tilt Resolution:Up to 1,103,799 per 180°
Encoder Power Requirements:5V ± 5% 240 mA
Platform Adjustment:+5.5 to -12.5 cm / +2.2 to -4.9 "
Pan Bar:Single telescopic
Camera Fixing:Wedge adaptor
Levelling Bubble:Illuminated
Drag Knobs:Backlit and calibrated
Counterbalance:Fully variable with digital readout
Дополнительные технические данные см. в технических спецификациях:
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